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Martyds would totally back you up on that.

I personally hated "Guilty Pleasures" and never wanted to read another book in that series. Anita Blake is an annoying bitch, and the sexual stuff got on my nerves. I also really disliked the prose (how many times does she say "He flashed a fang"? Like 10,000 times per page?).
Thank goodness that somebody was also irked at this. The concept of Anita Blake is pretty nifty, but is there anything Anita Blake HASN'T become? Vampire regent, vampire queen, vampire sex slave, werewolf, succubus, necromancer, magician, sorceress, voodoo priestess... all of these things only happen to her and nobody else which is becomes pretty tedious.

And her constant musings and how attractive Jean-Claude (I am serious) gets on my nerves tremendously.
Alright. We get it. He's gorgeous. You want to do him. Now shut up and do and say something useful.
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