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FFIV is my second favorite of the "nintendo era" of Final Fantasy, glad you enjoyed it X.

By the way, avoid the GBA version of FFVI. It's (lightly) censored and the music doesn't sound good on a GBA.
Actually, the GBA version is less censored than the SNES one, and as far as I can tell, the PS1 version is just the SNES version slapped onto a disc. There is a scene that's censored in the GBA one where Celes is beaten, but I can't remember if it's in the SNES version because it's been ages since I last played it. But for instance, some of the sprites were censored in the American SNES version of the game.

On the left we have the Japanese SNES and GBA versions, middle is the American SNES version and right is the American GBA version. Not completely uncensored like the Japanese SNES version, but less censored than the original American release.
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