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I did think the Zemus twist was something of a copout, but I LOVED the scenes when it was revealed. The flashback to Golbez and Cecil's childhood rocked shit, and Golbez was a pretty cool character when he went 'good'. It does make me wonder two things, though.

1. Why the hell does everyone make such a huge fuss about Ultimecia turning out to be the big bad and not Edea in FFVIII? FFIV does the same, only much worse.

2. Why the hell does everyone make such a big deal about Aeris' death? It's not the first time a main character has bit it halfway through the game. Although I have to admit, after Tellah, I thought the 'fake' deaths (Yang, Cid) were for real and was kinda disappointed when they turned out to be fakes ("Oh, somehow he's okay. It's not like the room he was in exploded or he fell from the sky to a pit of lava.")

The end of IV felt like it was just thrown together... almost as if the developers decided the game wasn't long enough, so lets go to the moon. In an earlier post where I ranked games, I actually bumped IV down to Tier 2 strictly because of how ridiculous the ending got. I do love the game... loved the characters, loved the challenge (still remember how hard that Elf cave was), LOVED Golbez (infinitely cooler than Sephiroth). Just had some qualms with the turns it took.

And yeah, Zemus is much worse than Ultimecia. MUCH worse. Not as bad as the dude in IX, though.

As for Aerith, the answer is simple: it was a bigger deal because a) more people played VII, and b) people are OBSESSED with FMVs. The scene looked cool, Sephiroth's hair was flowing in all kinds of crazy directions, so it was a bigger deal. But as you found out by playing the older games, a lot of characters die in FF. Hopefully, you like characters dying... otherwise, VI might not be up your alley.

Also, I'm currently playing the sequel. Unfortunately, the game in its entirety won't be released until September. You can only download one installment right now (first 3 chapters), and the rest will be released periodically through September. Which sucks, because each addition will cost 300 Wii points. So if you end up having any interest in the sequel, wait until it's completely released. Just enjoy VI for now. Hopefully it hasn't been hyped to the point where it can't possibly meet your expectations.

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