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I know what King was going for with that part of the book, and it worked for me. I 'spose I'm the Lone Ranger on this one.
Nah, you're not the only one. It really served two purposes--the kids were going to lose each other, but they had to remain "close" in order to escape. And on a subtextual level, it really drives for the loss of innocence. Sure, it was disturbing. But isn't all loss of innocence?

Really? I haven't read that one yet. Has his other new book, Under the Dome (or Beneath the Dome, I forget the actual title.) come out yet? It's supposed to be a big, meaty thing.
Ginger, definitely give Duma Key a read! Very creepy, very well written. I know I can't wait for Under the Dome, either. Definitely bound to be another King epic!
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