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I know what King was going for with that part of the book, and it worked for me. I 'spose I'm the Lone Ranger on this one.

Really? I haven't read that one yet. Has his other new book, Under the Dome (or Beneath the Dome, I forget the actual title.) come out yet? It's supposed to be a big, meaty thing.
Yeah, it's a real minor thing for me in the grand scheme of things. I still think "It" is his best book though I'm tempted to re-read "The Stand" again, a close 2nd, since it's been about 10 years I think since I last read it. They are two very different books though and hard to compare. "The Stand" is just epic in scope whereas It is far more intimate.

"Duma Key" is really good. It's well written and a quick read. It's also a pretty personal book given that the main character is recovering from a traumatic car accident. It has a strong, mysterious supernatural element and sense of all encompassing menace, key ingredients in King's best work imho.

I've also heard about "Under the Dome" and it has potential but I'll be honest - after reading the plot summary on Amazon I was reminded in a way of The Simpsons movie, you know, when Springfield was surrounded by an impenetrable dome. I could be very "Mist" like in that it will probably focus on how humans deal with a mystifying external threat. It could be epic though, especially if The Dome starts to slowly retract, threatening to crush everything inside it, that could be really suspenseful.

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