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They aren't reworded, but are asking from a different view point. You could ask someone if they like Coke, and they may say "yes", and seem like a soda drinker, but then you could ask if they like "coke or water" and find more out. If that makes sense...

No contradiction, you think based on your intuitions, as opposed to thinking based on your senses. An example might be two people who auditioning for a role in a movie, an "NT" would probably play the part based on theoretical understanding of acting, whereas an "ST" would probably play the part channeling past life experiences. Or another, example (these are hard to give) might be an "NT" is in a fire and immediately looks for an exit, whereas an "ST" might start trying to figure out what they need to do.

Oh, I think this might be good - an "NT" might buy a car based on research, whereas an "ST" might buy a car trying to use things they've learned from buying cars in the past.

Some of the ideas behind the questions is to get an idea how you view similar situations from different vantage points, and/or sort of a narrowing-down process. I haven't seen the test you are talking about in particular, but could explain better with specific examples. I'm familiar with what you are talking about, though.

I've been involved with these tests on all sorts of levels - I haven't taken any of the online ones, but have been subjected to them many helping people do projects and always get the same result - which I think matches up a lot better than the other options.

I'm curious to try one of the online ones now...

Yep - It's all the same.

Sometimes I think they fail when they start suggestion what people are best to do and so forth. In general they can get close, but I don't think people should be pigeon holed like that - recognizing personality types isn't doing that, but telling people what they should do with their personality probably is.
Oh that's do the social work thing...
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