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I live in LA County around the San Gabriel Valley. I live more in a suburb than the actual city of LA, but I'm 10 mins out of downtown LA.

To answer your really depends. What you may not realize is how huge LA County really is. Without traffic, it would take you an hour and a half to go from one end of LA County to another through the 10 frwy. With'd be a good 2.5 hrs plus.

So where you choose to live should be around where it is that you work and what it is that you want to do (professionally and socially). You will have to decide what you feel is a reasonable commute and you have to decide your budget.

Hopefully you have a reliable car, because everything in los angeles is spread out. My cousin in the film industry (she's a small-time actress looking to break in) chooses to live around the West Hollywood area so that she has convenient access to auditions.

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