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WOW! This is very stupid for the Jays. If they trade him, they are telling me they are no longer interested in competing with the big boys within their division. I am happy (and sad) some of their moves are not paying off. I am speaking of large contracts for BJ Ryan and Wells.

Halladay seems perfectly willing and able to take less to stay and try to win with Toronto. This guy is one of the best pitchers in baseball. It is almost impossible to replace pitchers like him. He is the type of guy you build a team around.

The only way I would even think to trade Halladay is if the trading team takes Wells and his contract too and gets back as much or more than what Minnesota was asking for Santana (although they did not get it). If they lose both contracts and get prospects that are major league ready, then they can start over.

I can think of a team (Yankees) that could afford to take on Wells contract. We could use Wells in the outfield and he might do better with a change of scenery and less expectations in the Yankee lineup. We have Hughes and a few other prospects, maybe even Wang. He is cheap and should bounce back. Could be a good trade despite being an in division trade.

I believe if he gets traded and then goes free agent, the Yankees have a better than good shot at signing him. The Yankees have over $40 million in expiring contracts after this year. I can dream.
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