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All good reasons to find a person attractive. Of course her intelligence isn't captured well in those pictures, or that she's interesting, or cool, because she still doesn't look that hot. I mean I guess I'll take your word for it and bump her a up a notch. She went from a 5 to a 6.

It's the hotties thread. To throw these girls in her and say we should actually find them better looking than they appear because their intelligent and cool, well, that's just cruel to those who came to see superficial hotties. Now we have to do background checks before we make our judgments. I don't like that.
I'm probably not going to gain any ground here but I actually think a girl's intelligence can be captured with a camera, and not necessarily by her wearing library-glasses and propping up a copy of "Ulysses". Like, there's a wealth of factors that determine why one finds another attractive so I cannot really speak for everyone regarding Gainsbourg. But: I find her enormously attractive (perhaps moreso than any celebrity) and I suspect there are legitimate biological reasons behind that.

Just looking at Gainsbourg, some can intuit there's much more to her than her facial features. She wears little makeup (girls that tend to drown their pores in powders also tend to be a wee bit dumb---this is always a perfect indicator for on-the-spot judgment decisions) so she projects a natural beauty. Her body is a nice one, with curves in the appropriate places but yes, she's a bit bony and to some that's an advantage. Her body is a walking advertisement for modesty, if that's a desired trait. Overall, Gainsbourg simply looks like a nice girl and one that, well, actually looks like she exists in the natural world.

I can understand that some people find Fox attractive and maybe could be considered objectively beautiful if that were to ever exist, but there's absolutely nothing about her I'd consider attractive (okay, the body naturally titillates but I gain no lasting satisfaction from staring at her). Honestly, she looks like a man-made creation, modulated such to make teen boys cream themselves in exaggerated ecstasy as they are conditioned to believe her to be the "ideal" female. Again, simply looking at Fox, I spot noticeable plastic surgery (something that can only contribute to my distaste for her appearance---a split-second after seeing the surgery I'm thinking: now what kind of person would actually purchase facial revisions?) and also extreme makeup. That, she'd have to doll herself up such extremes and acquire unreal tits says plenty about personality, and that's knowledge you can gain from just looking at a picture.

Also: Cosimo. Dude, you start a Gainsbourg thread without pictures. What is this? I'm going to let this one slide since you were bailed out but man, dude.

This may be a bit much but it makes my physiologically happy to look at pictures of her. Like, I can notice an observable change in my behavior. There's hope, children. Fave pic (again a bit much in that I'd actually have a favorite):

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