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That said, what JP Ricciardi has done in the last week has reaffirmed my belief that the only real GM that the Jays have had is Pat Gillick. Gord Ash was a joke, save for signing Clemens, and Ricciardi, try as he might, hasn't produced a team that has catapulted over the Sox and Yankees. In addition, his remarks about trading Halladay are horrible to hear, especially considering that Roy has been THE man for the Jays for years, and one of the best kept secrets in baseball.

To hear JP talk about trading Roy, even with the best intentions, is a distraction and a detriment. Why he doesn't try to unload Wells and Rios, who have been lame ducks for the majority of the past few seasons, I don't know. Wells isn't a leader, a guy like Rolen is. Millar is. Barahas is. Not Wells.
I don't think Riccardi has doen a terrible job, he's had really bad luck with a lot of free agenct signings but some of his draft picks have turned out really well Hill, Romero(remember they were bashed for taking him ahead of Tulolwitzki(It's not spelled properly)

The Wells and Rios contract were designed to keep this team together until 2010 which has turned out to be a disaster and I think he might be able to unload Rios because of his potiential still being there I don't see that with Wells unless that's a provision with taking Halladay that the team takes either Rios or Wells's contracts which I could see happen.
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