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I don't think Riccardi has doen a terrible job, he's had really bad luck with a lot of free agenct signings but some of his draft picks have turned out really well Hill, Romero(remember they were bashed for taking him ahead of Tulolwitzki(It's not spelled properly)

The Wells and Rios contract were designed to keep this team together until 2010 which has turned out to be a disaster and I think he might be able to unload Rios because of his potiential still being there I don't see that with Wells unless that's a provision with taking Halladay that the team takes either Rios or Wells's contracts which I could see happen.
Letting Frank Catalanotto, Reed Johnson and Carlos Delgado go, and instead signing Shannon Stewart, Josh Towers, David Delucci, and Frank Thomas (not necessarily in that order). Top that with his remarks about Adam Dunn and the fiasco with BJ Ryan, and you get my point.
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