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I used to smoke half a pack a day for about a year and a half but since the new taxes I had to stop cold turkey. I've smoked here and there, maybe one or two every few weeks to a month or so since March. Which is good considering I want to take up a healthier lifestyle eventually.

I love smoking. And if there's anything I love more than smoking, it's the self-righteous non-smokers. Every self-righteous non-smoker I've either lived with or hung out with, eats the nastiest, processed shit like a fucking cow and guzzles gallons of soda like it's water from the fountain of youth. Yeah, good job. You listened to the cool commercials and your DARE officer so you can live with diabetes later in life. I don't understand the attitude. Before I had any kind of interest in smoking I never treated smokers the way people treated me. And don't give me that "Oh, they're just saying that because they care." Fuck that bullshit. We all know they don't. It's because these "truth" commercials use words like "loser" to describe people that like to get a nicotine fix.

I do want to try those E-Cigarettes though, it'd be pretty cool to smoke in a movie theater.
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