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Pat Gillick is one of the best GMs in the game today. The Jays made a huge mistake letting him go. Ricciardi is a poor man's Cashman. The both are OK, but not great.

The Jays would be better off trading Wells with Roy. If the reason they are thinking of moving Roy is a cost cutting move or no chance of resigning him, they should accept less for Roy in exchange for unloading Wells who is due over $100 mil and will mess up the Jays ability to bring in new people for years.
Actually Pat Gillick resigned, but it's no secret the 2 other teams we was GM of haven't been back to the playoffs since he left.

And I think the reason for possibly moving Roy Halladay is they won't be able to afford him they have pretty much the same payroll next year as they do this year but committed to 8 players.

I think they will want someone to take Wells or Rios contracts as a provision. The Phillies made the Yankees take Abreu so they can aquire Corey Lidle a few years back.
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