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I really do like the intentions of this post and would like to keep them going.

On that note I do have a few stories that I will post from time to time. The first one that I will post comes from Lake Cumberland in Russell Springs, Kentucky. A few years ago I went to the lake with a couple of my friends and my best friend's parents who are pretty much party animals. We stayed at my best friend's cabin. It overlooks the lake and was won on a coin toss some 60 years ago. The deal was that the winner got the better of the two cabins that were on top of the hill. It was Saturday night and we all had retired to our beds. I had chosen the lower part of a bunk bed that also had a king size bed in the room, so a few of us were in there. I had the lower bed and a friend was on the top bunk, while my friend's parents slept in the king size, and one friend was on the floor on an air mattress. I awoke in the middle of the night and looked up to see two white figures standing over my friend who was sleeping on the air mattress. The main figure that I saw was somewhat moving. At first I thought it was my friends mom bc it looked like her in a white gown and she has short hair. I said out loud, "Francie, what are you doing?" The figure looked up at me and the other figure started to get blurry. I immediately knew that it was NOT a person. I turned to my side, facing the wall and did not move for what seemed like days. I finally fell asleep, not even aware if I was still breathing or not. The next few weeks I researched online to see if any deaths or murders had taken place on that land or in that area. I didn't find anything so it is hard to justify what I saw. But just as many of you will say or understand, I know what I saw.

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