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I work at a media production center, mostly doing post-production work. I also freelance as a cinematographer, cameraman, and editor. I've been lucky and got to shoot for some local PBS affiliates, interviewing Bernadine Dohrn and Cornel West among others, but mostly it's pretty dull stuff I work on.

When I start grad school in September I'll go back to just the occasional freelance work and being a full-time student.

In the past I've been a GRE and SAT tutor for college and high school kids, an everything tutor for 1st-3rd graders, a research assistant at the Nuclear Studies Institute, a creative writing class TA, a financial assistant for the National Presbyterian School, a landscaper, a construction worker (just on one big remodeling project), video store clerk, Target salesperson, and very briefly a telemarketer. I think I liked my jobs in that order.

I can tell you that telemarketers hate calling you at least twice as much as you hate getting the calls and that it's easiest for everyone to just promptly hang up.

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