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(in my best Martin Lawerance voice) "OHHHHH HEEEEEELLLLLL NAAAAAAH!!"

Peeing in the shower is a huge no-no for me.

Were you people raised by wolves???

What baffles me is usually the toliet is less than a meter away from the shower. So why the fuck wouldnt someone just step out of the shower and use the toliet?

Its incredibly unsanitary too.
Not really since urine is actually sterile when it comes out of you and only becomes contaminated once its been sitting out for hours in the open. (but yes I know, none of us wants to touch it.)

I think its ridiculous to be under the shower already, have a need to go AND then get out, dry off, go to the toilet, do your business and then hop back in and get wet again. I'd have already wet myself before I got to the toilet.

Or worse, you have to go so bad you have no time to dry off and flop yourself onto the seat soaking wet. Now you have to dry the toilet and the floor and then get back in the shower.

Too much work if you ask me.

Btw, when I visited my friend in Holland, he had the toilet and the shower in two separate rooms. I went before showering.

Re: DaveJoeG: I totally didn't notice it was missing! Great, now I gotta find it again and I don't know how to upload avatars anymore!

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