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I love our Defense gettng Haynesworth will really benefit the Andre Carter and Orkapo and Daniels and maybe force turnovers on defense which we have difficulty doing the past few years.

What we need is one of the WRs we drafted last year to step up either Malcom Kelly or Devin Thomas, other than Portis, Moss and Cooley we don't have many other options.
The Skins defense should allow for a low amount of points to be scored. If the offense can score even 17 points, they should be in the playoffs. Their defense is a lot like the Ravens a few years back, like Shaw said, very stacked.

They have a lot of weapons on offense too. For receivers, I don't know why they are not better. Moss is great for long throws, Randle El is too. You have to watch for Cooley on the short throws. Like you said, Kelly and Thomas need to step up. Both could have been 1st round picks. But, they are on a team that has a lot of talent at that position.

If Fred Davis steps up too, as another threat at tight end, my god, lookout.

I do believe Campbell will be really strong this year. He has a lot to prove.

I would not be shocked to see them go to the Super Bowl, if they stay healthy that is.
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