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The cost of the new stuff is really gay 400pts (aka.$5) for a lightsaber?!?!..then again you also have the option of winning stuff as well for your avatar which is cool..I think the update is pretty decent..I don't know how well the downloadable 360 titles will go over but it is a cool feature if you like that sort of thing and have the HDD space..(I myself have the 20GB so that is not an option for me)....I still think XBL is the best online service and as long as they keep up the same great service I will continue to renew
Well, seeing as they're dropping the price of the Elite to 300 bucks (the current price of the 60 gig model) and discontinuing the 60 gig model, space won't be an issue anymore. Still think Games on Demand is a rip.
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