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Jim Butcher has created a very refreshing character in his Dresden Series. Harry Dresden felt like such a real character to me and it was really refreshing. What I mean by real is that he had flaws that gave him a unique personality that seemed far from the norms of the usual hero. Add a fun/real character with a very unique and original story an Storm Front made for a very enjoyable read. This book was very easy to read and by easy I mean I had no problem sitting down and reading 50+ pages at a time and still wanting more when I put the book down. The story is not overly deep (but there is a lot of potential to flush out Dresden in future books) but it just flowed so well together that I read the entire book in only 3 sittings. The action is well written and plentiful and the "universe" that Butcher has created is very imaginative and just flat out fun to read. I will definitely be picking up the next in the series and am very excited to read more about this world Butcher has created full of vampires, wizards, demons, and much more.

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