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My collection continued:

Hardbodies 1 & 2

The Silence of the Lambs (CRITERION) (#2)

Behind The Mask


Phantasm 4



Rambo 2 (S.E.)

Toxic Avenger (D.C.)

Zombi 2 (S.E.) (UNCUT)

Zombie ('02 Ed.) (UNCUT)

Burial Ground (UNCUT)

Rambo 2

Deadgirl (D.C.) (R1)

Phantasm 2

Schindler's List

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (S.E.)

Fri. The 13th Prt 7 (D.E.)

Fri. The 13th Prt 8 (D.E.)

The Burning (UNCUT) (#2)

Alien Quadrilogy Box

The Beyond (UNCUT) (Ltd. Ed. Tin) (X2)

Bad Taste (Ltd. Ed.) (UNCUT) (Bootleg)

The Evil Dead (Spr Jwl Box)

Evil Dead 2 (Ltd. Ed. Tin)

300 (Stlbk)

Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness (D.C.) (Offic. Boot. Ed.) (X2)

Army of Darkness (Ltd. Ed.)

Army of Darkness (D.C.) (Ltd. Ed.) (X2)

Evil Dead 2 (1st Ed.) (X2)

Star Trek Orig. Motion Pic. Coll.

Zombi: Dawn of the Dead (S.E.)

Bruce Campbell Vs. Army of Darkness (Boomstick) (X2)

Star Trek: Next Gen. Motion Pic. Coll.

The Evil Dead (Ult. Ed.)

The Evil Dead (Spr Jwl Bx #3)

Drag Me To Hell

Reservoir Dogs (Mr.White) (Mr.Blonde) (Mr.Pink)

300 (ComicCon Xclus. Immortal Mask Box)

Dead Snow (Stl Bk)

Hardware (S.E.) (Uncut)

Dawn of the Dead (1st Ed.) (D.C.) (X2)

Kill Bill Vol.1 (Dutch)

The Beyond (UNCUT) ('00) (X2)

The Evil Dead (Elite Ent.)

Phantasm 3

Henry: Portrait... (D.C.) (Uncut & Uncensored)

Bad Taste (Ltd. Ed.) (Uncut) (X2)

Hardware (S.E.) (Uncut) (U.K.)

Carver (Uncut)

Day of Anger (Uncut)

Night of the Creeps (D.C.)

Happy Birthday To Me ('09 re-release)

The Evil Dead (R4 Ult. Ed.)

Halloween (78) (Ltd. Ed.) (X4)

The Killer (Criterion)

Hard Boiled (Criterion)

Kill Bill Vol.1 (Jap. Box) (X2)

Drunken Master II (Subbed)

Let The Right One In (Eng. Theatrical subs) (X2)

Star Trek (09)

Fight Club (S.E.)

Re-Animator (Mill. Ed.)

T2 (Ult. Ed.)

Gomorrah (Criterion) (X2)

Disciples of Shaolin (Shaw Bros.)

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (S.E.)

Halloween (78) (25th Anniv. Ed.) (X2)

Night of the Living Dead (30th Anniv. Ltd. Ed.) (X2)

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (Ltd. Ed. Tin)

Oldboy (Ltd. Ed. Tin)

The Evil Dead (Super Jewel Box)

Reservoir Dogs (Gas Can) (#2)

District 9 (S.E.) (X2)

The Evil Dead (Blockbuster Rental Ed.)

Il Divo

Oldboy (X2)

Vengeance (Johnnie To)

Dragon Inn

Paranormal Activity

The Tournament

Vengeance Trilogy Box

A Bittersweet Life (D.C.) (X2)

Final Destination 4

Watchmen (Ult. Cut)

Wicker Man (Ltd. Ed. Wood Box)

I Sell The Dead

The Dark Crystal (C.E.)

Tiger On Beat

The Hurt Locker


The House On Sorority Row (25th Anniv. Ed.) (X2)

The Ult. Scream Coll.

Sympathy For Mr.Vengeance (X2)

Halloween (07) (S.E.)

Lady Vengeance (X3)


Under Siege 2

Marked For Death (re-issue)

Crank 2

A Toute Epreuve (Ltd. Coll.'s Ed.)

The Killer (Ltd. Coll.'s Ed.)

The Evil Dead (Spr Jwl Bx)

Evil Dead II (#2)

Final Destination 4 (S.E.)

Ben and Charlie

The Forgotten Pistolero/The Unholy Four


The Dirty Outlaws (Uncut)

Pig Hunt

Paris, Texas (CRITERION)

A Tale of Two Sisters (S.E.)

Final Destination 1 (#2)

Final Destination 3 (#2)

Final Destination 2 (#2)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Ult. Ed.) (#2)

Near Dark (S.E.)

The Killer (HKL)

Hardboiled (TAE)

The Running Man (S.E.) (#2)

Revanche (CRITERION)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (U.K. Ult. Ed.) (X2)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ('04 S.E.)


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ('98 S.E.)

Fist of Legend (UNCUT)

Gentleman Killer

The Dark Crystal (Sprbt)

Kingdom of the Spiders (S.E.)

Saw VI (Uncut)

T2 (1st Ed.)

The Day After Tommorrow


The Thing

The Terminator (S.E.) (#5)

The Silence of the Lambs ('01 S.E.)

The Hills Have Eyes (Orig.) (S.E.)

Ong Bak 2 (S.E.)

Triad Election

Park Chan-Wook's Vengeance Trilogy Box (R1)

Armageddon (CRITERION)

Private School

Prince of Darkness

City of the Living Dead (S.E.)

Halloween (Rare 25th Anniv. Ed.)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Rare 30th Anniv. Ed.)

Screwballs 2

The Slumber Party Massacre Collection

Rear Window (S.E.)

Sweet Sweetback's Badass Song (Uncut)

Sleepaway Camp II

Sleepaway Camp III

Life of Brian (CRITERION)

Almost Famous (Bootleg Cut)

Hoop Dreams (CRITERION)

Videodrome (CRITERION)

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