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I didn't realize how good and just how many horror movies i've seen this past decade . No order , just ones that i genuinely enjoyed and made these past 10 years or so a sort of modern day Golden Age :

Res Evil 1-3
Shaun of the Dead
Hot Fuzz ( definitely horror , it has strong slasher elements and copious amounts of gore )
Dead End ( a hidden gem for sure )
Brotherhood of the Wolf
Silent Hill
Friday the 13th
Wishing Stairs
Dog Soldiers
28 days later
28 weeks later
Land of the Dead
Diary of the Dead
Zombie Diaries
Scarecrow ( yep , i liked it
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Book of Shadows ( once you get over the fact it's only a sequel in spirit , it's a great film )
Ring remake
Ring 2 ( it expanded on the mythos to excellent effect )
Dark Water original
Juon 1 and 2( the ones shot on video . Think those were 99 but i'll put them on this list )
Phone ( excellent Korean film )
Tale of two Sisters original
Haute Tension
Evil Aliens ( must see goromedy in the spirit of Bad Taste )
The Others
My little Eye ( highly recommend this low budget creepfest )
The Ruins
Cloverfield ( just may be the best big monster run amok film ever made )
The Mist
The Eye original
Planet Terror
The Card Player
Nonhossono ( may have spelled it wrong , but it's aka Sleepless )
La Terza Madre
My Bloody Valentine
The Happening ( way better than people are giving it credit for )
I am Legend
Wild Zero
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