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NL MVP - Pujols

NL Cy Young - Lincecum. It won't be close, only because the Cards' guys will split votes (Carpenter and Wainwright). Wainwright has been out of his mind lately.

NL ROY - Happ now that Rasmus cooled off (thank God they didn't trade him)

AL MVP - this is tricky, only cause the Twins suck. If the Twins were in contention, it'd be Mauer hands down. Now? I'm leaning towards Tex, unless Jeter takes a few sympathy votes.

AL Cy Young - Felix Hernandez. Greinke won't have a good enough record, and it'll cost him just like it cost Randy Johnson in '04, when he lost to Clemens despite having more strikeouts, more innings, and a lower ERA and WHIP. But Clemens was 18-4, and Randy was barely over .500 (I wanna say 15-14)

AL ROY - no idea.
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