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Thank you for posting all those Punisher reviews.
Since I am a huge Ennis fan, I would like to start reading the Punisher series. Is the order you posted the comics, the order I should follow or can I just jump in between the books?
Just asking, because some of the comics are a lot cheaper at the moment here in Germany than others. Guess it depends at which dollar rate they were imported.
Yes the order in which I posted them is the correct order especially for when the series becomes an 'explicit content' one as the same characters/storylines come up. For the books before 'In the Beginning' it doesn't matter so much.
There is one in between 'Streets of Laredo' and 'In The Beginning' that I don't have, so I know what you mean about some being difficult to get.

Also Argonaut, I recommend you read The Punisher: Born which I didn't actually review, if you read in between 'Streets of Laredo' and 'In the Beginning' that would be best. It's the best Ennis has written and essential to understanding the character and the last book.

Ennis is a great writer, I haven't actually read any of his other stuff but I'm pretty keen to.

Let me know if you get/enjoy any of them.

Last books:

The Punisher: Long Cold Dark (Garth Ennis, 2008)

Barracuda returns to fight The Punisher in revenge for 'beating him'. He has also has huge suprise that both shocks and (for the first time) frightens the ultimate vigilante.

The Punisher: Valley Forge, Valley Forge (2008)

The last book Ennis wrote. In order to bring down Frank Castle a group of generals give him a target he can't kill...special forces troops with a mission to capture The Punisher.
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