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I used to play cards all the time, and my name stems from that.

However, the "proper" way to say it is Aced. As in, I aced that test. Not Ace-Dee or anything (I'm not sure why I capitalized the D originally). So understandbly, people call me Ace and stuff, which isn't a huge deal, but you know.

I wish I could change it. I'm not popular enough that it would matter, but at the end of the day I suppose we all have to deal with the names we put on here when we were in Jr High.
Joblo would probably be cool with changing your handle - he can do that. It's one of his abilities, as is walking across beer, and turning pixels into boobs.

I recognize your posts, and your avatar. You have excellent writing skills, and seldom find myself disagreeing with you.
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