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Actually the situation would be more accurately described as a perfect masterpiece of the horror genre being destroyed by an overhyped, but good looking movie which people seem to only like because of a dumb ass song used in the trailer that made them cry.

But hey, to each their own.

On the contrary, people are attached to WTWTA because it evokes strong nostalgic and child-like emotions to when many of us were kids. It's pretty minor to come across anyone who didn't love and/or fear the book when they were small.

This has nothing to do with making anyone "cry" because they love the music. The book is over 30 years old and has been read by millions of parents and children alike.

Paranormal Activity, while I really enjoyed it and had lots of fun at the theater, is nothing more than an hour and a half long Youtube video made to scare people, and the majority of people being scared are unknowingly just scaring themselves. I don't know if that's the effect of the movie or the fact that audiences have been raised as pussies, but I'm inclined to lean more towards the second option.

If a door opening and closing and lights turning on and off is your prime example of what a perfect masterpiece of horror should be, then horror died a long time ago. And so did it's ever fickle audience. And trust me, horror is by far my favorite genre.

People can either choose candy with Paranormal Activity, or meat with WTWTA. I think we had enough candy this year

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