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The writing just wasn't their sharpest. I know it's comedy and satire, but the ideas South Park puts out through its comedy are often serious. If they were actually suggesting that "fag" can still be used under new definition, it's a moronic point. The same could be said decades ago for nigger. The reason these words carry the kick they do is because of their background. Just because you're reapplying contexts or wishy washy definitions doesn't make anything okay.

I can imagine the same exchange happenings decades ago during the rise of civil rights. South Park to the rescue. People like saying it too much to actually stop. But that's okay. That's okay because it doesn't mean a black person anymore. When someone cuts you off in traffic, what do you think? Nigger! It has nothing to do with the color of their skin. Now it means douchebag!

Stupid point. Stupid message.

Funny episode.
I think this is much more reactionary, as opposed to your hypothetical nigger situation. People use the word "fag" for a lot of things now... not sure where it started, to be honest. SP is hyperbolizing it because it's something that is already generally accepted (not that it's ok to use the word, but that it doesn't automatically have homosexual connotations). I don't think nigger is used except in relation to black people, and I don't think trying to change that is a stance South Park would take. It's a satire, not a serious attempt to change the language of our society.
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