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Predictions for the Weekend of November 13th-15th

1. 2012- $65 million
2. A Christmas Carol- $20 million
3. Michael Jackson's This Is It- $8.5 million
4. The Men Who Stare at Goats- $8 million
5. The Fourth Kind- $6.25 million
6. Couples Retreat- $5.25 million
7. Law Abiding Citizen- $5 million
8. Paranormal Activity- $4.75 million
9. The Box- $4 million
10. Precious- $

2012 should be pretty huge. It could do more than that, or if the past few weeks' disappointments are any indication, it could do less than that. A Christmas Carol should hold up pretty well as we get closer to Christmas. I'm leaving Precious blank for now because I don't know its theatre count for next weekend. As soon as I have it, I'll post my prediction.
What about pirate radio? i think it'll do quite decently. forget that overrated oprah movie.
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