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On the note of methods of getting high --- I'm a huge fan of the vaporizers. Not the pipes but the machines, like the Volcano. I've never gotten so ripped, and I think part of it is that you don't realize how much you are smoking because of the absence of smoke, and the fact that you are inhaling nothing but THC. I highly, highly recommend getting one, and if you can't afford it, find a friend with one.

Next to that, I find gravity bongs are knock you on your ass, but they are definitely a process - filling up a sink or bucket. This is like the opposite theory as a vaporizer where the idea is to get as much THC, with gravity bongs the idea is to just suck up as much as possible.

I once invented a contraption using an air pump where I made an attachment that fit on the end up the pipe or bong. You would get the bowl started then attach a fitting to the top of the bowl that forced air through the bowl and into your chamber. I did this on a bong, so it was essentially like having someone fill a chamber for you and you just inhale the smoke. It would just keep going nonstop and until the bowl burned out which would be under a minute. My friends and I used to pass this around like a game with the object to not let the chamber fill up.

I like joints and blunts, but honestly have never really found much difference between the two. A blunt is just a really fat joint, at least the way I roll, which is by sticking 2 - 4 papers together and loading it up (think Steve Zissou), as much or more than you'd fit in your standard blunt. A blunt does have an added flavor though, and burns a bit slower than a standard single-paper joint. I usually only use joints when I'm smoking in public places and don't want someone with a keen nose to quickly spot me, and in that case, a cigarette looking joint does have an advantage, although I have a few Panama Jack-styled outfits where I could probably get away with smoking a cigaretto.

When I lived in Florida, we used to take cigarettes and run a hole long ways through a filter, then take a paper clips to pull out all the tobacco. So basically you'd have what looked like a one hitter made of paper, then we'd pack it full with like 70% weed and 30% tobacco that would mask the weed smell; so, you'd essentially have a joint that looked like a Camel Light or whatever your brand and burned down to a butt. It was a blast walking around the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT getting blazed in the middle of everything and no one the wiser. Every once and a while, though, if you didn't mix it well, you'd hit a pocket of straight weed and I'd notice people looking around, but all they'd see is some dude smoking a cigarette. This would be harder to pull off now because there's so fewer people who smoke cigarettes in public. I'm not even sure you are allowed to smoke at Disney anymore.

I mentioned this in another thread, but wanted to tell everyone here about the "drop" method of getting some quality hits. When you have really great bud with crystals on it, drop it on the counter a couple times and you get the crystals off. Collect those using a license, razor blade or something and pack it. It'll be the best tasting most potent hits you'd had in your life, and it's not really detrimental to the bud because the outer crystals typically burn off anyway. Something else with this idea, is when you have crystalline smoke in a bag, and you are out -- Hold the bag up to a light and you will notice that the insides of the bag are coated with these crystals. Rip the bag open and scrape a license across the bag gently and it will remove the crystals --- This is nice when you are out and haven't reupped, will get you a very nice, prime tasting buzz --- I used to do this even when I wasn't totally out, just because the smoke is so nice, and plus, waste not want not.

It's actually been going on 2 months since I've last smoked, and this is the longest I've gone since 1995. The longest prior was 1 month toward the start of the year. Up until that I smoked all day every day with minor exceptions (like when I had to sit in all day meetings...) This was actually all prompted by a deal I made with myself about making the frivolous purchase of an HDTV. It's kind of cool, because I love having this TV, but I have to admit that this TV taste likes shit and burns so badly that I've already ruined 3 pipes.

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