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Predictions for the Weekend of December 4th-6th

1. The Blind Side- $23 million
2. The Twilight Saga: New Moon- $18 million
3. Everybody's Fine- $12 million
4. Brothers- $10 million
5. 2012- $9.5 million
6. A Christmas Carol- $9 million
7. Old Dogs- $8.5 million
8. Armored- $7 million
9. Ninja Assassin- $6.5 million
10. Planet 51- $5.5 million

Should be a slow weekend next weekend. The Blind Side will probably take the top spot. New Moon should have another big drop. Everybody's Fine should do alright. Brothers should also do OK, but its theatre count is only 2000. Armored will probably not do very well, and it's only in 1900 theatres. I don't know how much Precious or The Road are expanding next weekend, but if they have significant theatre count changes I'll be back to change my predictions.
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