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Wolverine cannot be stopped. No matter the damage that he takes, he cannot be has been explained that it would take a disintegration of every molecule in his body to kill him...if any tiniest of pieces is left, he will regenerate...
Unless this is a new recent development this only ever happened once and it wasn't cause of anything Wolverine did himself. It was one of the Annuals i think but i'm not sure, it's in one of my Essentials. He was almost completely destroyed but a drop of his blood hit some crazy crystal (not sure which one but it wasn't the Em'kron) and it completely remakes him into a god like being before he gives up that power.

His healing factor isn't fool proof and has it's limits. Just look at the time Magneto ripped all his adamantium out. His healing factor went into overdrive just to keep him alive in a comma and then stopped working altogether for a period of time (months i think).

So i really hope ppl get over this whole Wolverine is invincible trip cause he's not and in fact outside of Claremonts run he's pretty much a joke who rushes in, get's his ass handed to him, then the rest of the team works together to save the day. This is especially done in Ultimate but that book blows balls these days anyways

But in the end i won't say who would win cause i know very little of the Flash cause i don't read DC comics really. But to say the Wolverine totally unstoppable is ridiculous. And as Mopar said Flash doesn't have to kill him to win.
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