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His healing factor went into overdrive just to keep him alive in a comma

your fanboy factor just went into overdrive and put me in a coma.

I have seen Wolverine's heart taken out...I have seen Havoc blast him full barrel leaving JUST skeletal remains...he comes back.

So i really hope ppl get over this whole Wolverine is invincible trip cause he's not
and this has been proven by all of the times that Wolverine has been killed? is an unquantifiable argument. In fact, Wally West deaths = 1...Wolverine = 0, I believe.

furthermore, I said it would be a stalemate, unless someone could figure a way that one could defeat the other, which nobody has, except "throw Wolverine into space" (can Flash do that?)

now, that being said, and having little Flash knowledge myself, I did some research...Wally currently can move at close to the speed of light...if that is the case, and since mass multiplies with velocity, a full speed punch from him would literally be like getting hit with an atomic bomb. So...theoretically, he could punch a whole right through Superman, making him the most powerful force in comics.
Still, the limits of Wolverine's healing factor have never really been tested, so it is impossible to say what would kill him, and without parameters of what "winning" is, it cannot really be said one way or the other.



Hulk vs. Doomsday.

I give it to Doomsy, because of Hulk's MAJOR weakness...his alter ego.

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