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Wolverine by default gets way too much love. People who read comics know that he is a small fish. The x-men movies have already influenced people into thinking Wolverine was some uber comic badass. Fact is, wolverine is on the bottom rung of comic book badasses.
he was getting reduced to nothing more than an adamantium skeleton and regenning long before the movies came out...
And I don't believe that Flash can infinite mass punch someone into space...has that ever been done?

Ozy vs. Cap...I give to Ozy, and here's why;

First of all...we are talking Ozy from the comics, not the movie.
He was NEVER less than one step ahead of everyone else...he out thought a "god"...he is SMART enough to catch a bullet...not fast enough...but smart enough.
Cap has him on strength and tactical skills...but that means nothing when Ozy is so smart he knows what move you are going to make before you do.
He never lost a bit of that edge...not even at the end.

And, while he can catch bullets, Cap was caught by one, but that is another argument altogether.

I have Ozy (way) over Batman also, but that leads to what I think may be a more even fight...Cap vs. the bat.

Another question...regarding Cap's shield....It is made to absorb 100% vibration, if I remember correctly (meaning he could pretty much be hit by a train, and the shield would absorb the entire impact)...if that is true, how could he use it as a weapon?
Has it ever been explained, or is it one of those things we are just accepting?
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