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Veering a little off topic here but this year only reminds of me how awesome 2008 was for gaming, to me it was to gaming what 1999 was to movies.
Best gaming year was either '97 or '98. I'm inclined to go with '98:

Ocarina of Time
Metal Gear Solid
Resident Evil 2
Final Fantasy Tactics
Pokemon on Gameboy (yeah, I said it... it's a great rpg, sorry)
Turok 2 (any one remember that game?)
Parasite Eve
Baldur's Gate
Gran Turismo
Tekken 3

That will never be duplicated. I feel 2008 was the best since then. 2009 was pretty disappointing, although sports franchises really stepped their game up (Madden 10, NBA 2K10, Tiger Woods 2010, and Fifa 2010 are freakin INCREDIBLE)
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