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Mendes would be a fantastic choice. Grant it, I'm not the biggest fan of American Beauty or Jarhead (though solid films), but I fuckin' LOVE Road to Perdition, one of my all time faves. I think his style, especially in that film, is a perfect match for the new tone set by Campell and Morgan with the last two installments. I sincerely hope this deal goes through....
Absolutely! Road to Perdition had that nice, intense feeling throughout and its action scenes were very effective and even unbearable. It'll be nice to see Mendes and Craig working together again as well. It's great to see the Bond franchise is attracting these A-grade, inspired choices for directors.

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hmmmmmmm im not sure if im for Sam Mendes directing the new bond movie. Im not ahuuuge huuge mendes fan. I tend to find he is slightly overrated! not to say his movies are bad. just not all that!
See Smiert's post above for a well written response to your concerns. The man was a great visual sense and has proven he can form a great, emotional action flick. Given a solid script, I think he's a terrific choice

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