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Benediction-The Grand Leveller

Great stuff, Benediction were the first Death Metal I got into, via "Transcend the Rubicon", one hell of a crushing album. I havenīt heard "Rotting" but "The Laws of Scourge" is a damm good trash/death record.

Recent spins:
Palace of Skulls - With Vison 5/10
Black Hole - Living Masks 5/10 (itīs a mighty weird one, canīt figure out if the drum machine sounds like this for athistic purposes or if itīs an accident)
Sarcofago - The laws of Scourge 7/10
Boris - Dronevil Final 10/10
Steve von Till - A grave is a grim horse 7/10
Blotted Science - The machines of Demetia 7/10
Melvins - Bullhead 8/10
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