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Not a problem man. I'll do it first thing tomorrow (when I wake up, of course, haha). Another badass gif would be when the "little Kitner boy" dies and you just blood gushing out of the water. Just a gif of him splashing and gushing would be awesome.

Or of Quint beating the shit out of the radio on the boat. Just a repeat beating if the radio. haha. Really anything with Quint is immediately awesome.
Awesome, dude! Thanks. Love that bit, the poor old Kitner boy. I remember what and how the town mayor talked about that bit. Lol. I shall make all of them and more. Agreed about Quint. He ruled. Don't you also just love the bit when he's on the radio to Roy's wife, and all the horseshit he says so fast. Lol. So many golden moments.
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