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I think 700 mil is a possibility now, no joke, should come close or break the 500 mil mark after next weekend, and that's only after a month. It could make 15 mil a weekend for the whole of next month and it would cross 600 mil, but we know it will do better, i'm just laying out a worst case scenario which won't happen. If it averages 20 mil a weekend in Feb, it would cross it with ease, and we know that's not happening either. 700 mil is a genuine possibility right now, because 600 is a given. I'll just go on record now and say, it will reach 700 mil domestic

Let's say it's at 500 mil after next weekend. Now for Feb, 35, 28, 20, 17, then the numbers during the week.

The writing is on the wall and it's as plain as day, Titanic is going to get sunk by Avatar, does that mean Cam beat himself.

I said it before, i would rather have this movie at number one than a cheesy , overblown love story, even though i would still want Rotk ahead of any of them
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