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I would like to see the Klingons make an appearance though. I'm interested how J.J. would portrait them and the cut sequence from the first film, which featured them in a small capacity, was quite cool and patched up a plot hole or two.

As for villains showing up, I’m more concerned about Khan. Should Khan even be involved with the new series? Would Khan even be a villain if he was brought into this new alternate-universe? My problem with certain characters like that returning is, as with George Lucas’ Star Wars prequels, it just makes that huge universe feel a lot smaller and more like winks to the audience.

I'm excited. I liked the first of J.J.'s editions to Star Trek, even if it had a plot very similar to previous movies in the series, it was a nice starting point for the new Enterprise. Not one of the best movies in the saga, but a swell entry just the same.
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