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Pretty sweet man thanks.
Im not sure how Gorn would work in the new film, I just hope he doesnt look like a Power Rangers villain using a bunch of hand gestures and over emoting.
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I'm guessing there might be a race of Gorns, and they are going to look like badass giant reptiles. I wouldn't worry about Power Rangers.
Nuclear Misfit & Gyro 44:

Yeah, it will probably resemble the CGI Gorn they did in the Star Trek: Enterprise 4th Season two part episode titled "In A Mirror Darkly".

Full Size:

Episode Links:

I think it's a cool idea. I always remember the Shatner vs Gorn fight in the original series.
Gyro 44:

Yeah, as corny as the suit and fight was between the Gorn and Captain Kirk... I still loved that episode.

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Could work.
Nuclear Misfit:

Yeah, my guess is that JJ will use a combination of CGI and a real costume to bring the Gorn to life on screen. Either that or he might create a Gorn suit that breathes, blinks, slithers, and emotes flawlessly with the actors face, or something nutty. Then again, I might be hoping for too much. In any event, I am sure whatever JJ will come up with will be pretty cool.

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