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Clive Barker

I've always been curious to read anything by Clive Barker... and I've also tried to watch Hellraiser since I was a kid but Pinhead has always scared the crap out of me for some reason.

Recently, I read an omnibus of The Books of Blood (Volumes 4-6), I found it in the local library, and was blown away!! The man has an excellent writing style, and is very descriptive... he creates images that are so easy to picture in your head, and some so grotesque they're hard to forget. And he balances the fantasy/horror elements with the mundane everyday stuff really well.

Easily my favorite story was "Down, Satan" (also the shortest) about a millionaire who loses his faith and in order to draw God back to him, decides to summon the Devil so the Lord will come to his aid. So he builds a temple to revere Satan and things go pretty quickly down the toilet. Pretty creepy story and a great read, even if it is only five pages long.

Has anyone else read his stuff? Is anyone else a fan?
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