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gutted i sold the wii. fiending to play no more heroes 2, plan to borrow or even rent the console off some ruffian when this gets a uk release. got to play muramasa the demon blade also

no more heroes 2 is published by ubisoft?! i dislike ubisoft, but i love suda 51, conflicted
I hope you get the chance to do it. I've been itching to get Muramasa also but these 2 were higher priority and I don't have enough $$$ to get more. My hopes are riding high for Red Steel 2, which is looking great.

I'd say grab it to support the devs, even if it helps Ubisoft. I'm hoping NMH 2 can sell more than 1. A good sign was that the copy I got at Toys R' Us was the last one.

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