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I hope they go for the Batman Begins type of reboot, with his origins being explored through flashbacks, and witnessing the destruction of Krypton.
Jig Saw:

Yeah, if it's a descent reboot it should be an origin story like Batman Begins.

Doomsday is a boring villain, and I think Brainiac is the perfect villain who hasn't gotten his big screen treatment yet.
Are you referring to the Doomsday of the comics or the animated feature?
Cause the Death of Superman Comic Series was pretty kick ass. And I don't even like the character of Superman all that much.

Personally, I never cared for Brainiac.
He never really seemed all that threatening of a villain to me (just like Lex).
Plus, he just bores me as a character, too.

I mean, the Death of Superman by the hands of Doomsday was just monumental.
In fact, I even remember someone showing me the local Newspaper on his death when it happened (back in the day).
Then when I read the issues (later on), it was even more shocking and heart felt.

So if Warner Brothers doesn't ever plan on ever doing a Doomsday movie...
Well, then... they deserve to wallow in shame behind Marvel in the super hero movie department.
Cause a live action movie of the Death of Superman has loads of potential and would be just frigging amazing!

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