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My Superman Reboot Requirements:

1. An Unknown New Talented Actor With The Old Style Classic Superman Look
2. Doomsday Story-line with other Superheroes Involved
3. A Director Who has proven that he can do both action and story
4. Poster should just be a bleeding Superman symbol
5. A Film should be full of extensive and jaw dropping action sequences.
6. Should have Heart and Drama.
7. Time should be spent on CGI shots to make them look breathtakingly real and practical effects should be done whenever possible.

In other words...

This could lead up to a two part Justice League Movie (if Warner Brothers was really that smart).
The first JLA movie would be the formation of the JLA because of the Death of Superman in the Superman Reboot.
By the end of the first JLA film we see the hint of Superman's return.
By the second JLA movie we see a full fledged kick you in your ass Justice League film (with the major prime members: Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Gleek, Green Lantern, Flash, ECT).

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