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Yet another reboot... this one actually sounds like a good idea, though. I enjoyed SUPERMAN RETURNS, but its main problem was that it tried to copy the original Richard Donner film way too much.

Here's a few things I would do:

- Keep Brandon Routh. The guy didn't do a bad job, he looks the part (and he eerily resembled Christopher Reeve a lot). Any problems the movie had weren't with him, I'd say he deserves it.

- Get rid of Lex Luthor. Superman's archnemesis, yes, but he's too overused. And if you're going to include him, don't make him campy; rather, he should be the complete and utter prick he's in the comics. This ties into...

- No corny sidekicks (Fuck Otis).

- Actually have Superman kick ass for once. The climax of the last movie was Supes lifting a giant rock - give me a break! Actually have him fight someone this time, someone who can give him a real test, people like Darkseid, Doomsday, Metallo, etc.

- Avoid giving too much time to the origin story. 80% of all fans pretty much know it by now.
Dang, brotha. You have everything down! Christopher Nolan/WB's needs to peep this thread and read what you wrote cause your spot on the money.
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