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Superman is his own worst enemy. He is too powerful for a conventional villain to be any threat and any action sequences have to be earth shattering affairs.

However if you make his opponents equal to him, you can trick the audience into believing that flying around and doing crazy shit would even out. So you can be left with hand-to hand bare knuckle fights.

If you subtly ratchet down the strength of Superman's powers the audience wont really know. Make him FEEL artillery fire and explosions. Make him struggle to lift things like the Daily Planet globe. Limit his speed and ignore some of the other powers - ice breath, x-ray vision, maybe even heat vision and leave him with flying and super strength. And you have a character who can have DRAMA in their fight scenes.

Make death a real threat every time he goes against the supervillain. If your character is invincible, there is not story.
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