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I think that superman-Doomsday is a great idea to be in a film.There is alot of drama because of what superman symbolizes.He symbolizes hope in the world.So when people see him getting into a fight where he seems to be dying...its sad.I mean if they make a film and really feed off of that it could be epic.Think about it....everyone that goes to see a superman film 9and most of people alive) know who superman is.....they grew up with superman being the blueprint for superheroes.The director can make the scene where he is fighting and dying while doing so heart wrenching.No one (including children) want to see their heroe die.Add in the superheores who should be there feeling guilty they didnt do something....and the children watching supermans death unfold with their superman action figures in hand and/or superman t-shirts just crying because the guy who is their hero is dying.Very sad.This could be milked for all its worth in a movie.

I think that if they use doomsday then it should be done after a movie where superman fights a villian like braniac.have braniac getting loose the reason that doomsday gets loose.While superman is fighting braniac show glimpses of something underground breaking open with the final shot of the movie being doomsdays hand breaking out of the thing holding him captive.Then use doomsday in the sequal
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