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Difference Between A Doomsday Movie & Superman Returns:

1. It would not be a slow moving drama (that would put you to sleep).
2. It would not re-hash the same boring elements we seen a thousand times before.
3. It would have real action and kick ass battle sequences that would make your jaw drop.
4. Superman would be slowly beaten and then end up dead & not by some near death experience.
5. It would actually be a world without a Superman and not some dumb vacation trip he was on.
6. Superman would meet a villain who has greater physical strength than him.
7. We would not see Superman have a bastard child that was super powered & retarded.
8. We would not see Superman fly a big rock into space while Kryptonite was sticking him in the face.
9. There is the potential to involve other Super Heroes into this movie.
10. There is now a reason for the Justice League to be formed (with two JLA movies to follow). (Note: Check out my other posts)
11. The people Clark was closest to would have to find a way to move on without him.
12. The movie audience would be in absolute pause. Especially kids. "What Daddy... is he really dead?"
13. We would get to see kick ass visuals of a scary alien being kick the crap out of Superman.
14. We could see death and destruction within Metropolis like we have never seen it before.
15. There would be no dumb and unbelievable love triangle.
16. It would not have actors that made you think you were watching a big budgeted version of Smallville.
17. If done right, it could be a very notable comic book film, putting it on par with the popularity of the comic.
18. It will have mystery with the potential to reveal who sent Dooms Day in another movie.
19. It would be scary & suspenseful with a big non-talking monster murdering anyone in his path.
20. It will probably be Rated R (or it will at least have an Uncut DVD) because of the shocking trauma and extreme violence and death involved.

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