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This is another reboot I kinda wish wasn't happening. I was very happy with Superman Returns. Yeah it focused on the drama moreso than the action (so what? The classic Richard Donner film did as well) and it was a bit surprising that Superman had a kid by the end of the film, but I really liked it and I wanted to know where Bryan Singer was going to take it from there. I also thought Brandon Routh did an excellent job at Supes.

But, at the same time, the film came out four years ago, and anymore in Hollywood you can't seem to have a sequel more than four years after the fact without dubbing the project a reboot anyway. So I'm just hoping that they make a great Superman movie without dumbing it down. I still want all of the great character moments that Richard Donner and Bryan Singer gave me, as well as exciting action.

The one thing I do not want to see is the Death of Superman angle. I liked the graphic novel, I liked the World Without a Superman plotline. But I want to see something fresh, not something that I can see just by picking up the graphic novel from my bookshelf.

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