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No matter what research you pull up it will not change the fact that "The Death of Superman" is one of the worst comic book stories ever to be put to ink. I know you like to cite the numbers saying it's one of the top selling stories but you need to really understand the industry at that point in time. With the invention of Spawn and Image Comics, hobbiests (not collectors and readers mind you) would scoff up anything that seemed special about a comic, foils, number 1s, big event bullshit ie, The Death of Superman. People didn't understand that it's the rareity not the availability that makes a comic worth money. They flooded the industry with this shit and DC decided to pull a stunt and "kill off" superman.

But, Doomsday is not a bad villain because of that. He's a bad villain because he is a complete roided out, stereotypical 90s villain, ala Venom. These characters have no emotional weight or consistency. Hell Doomsdays only been the villain for that story, and if he's ever shown its most likely as a one off beat down from Superman that ends kind of quickly. He's no real threat.

I know you think that a completely visual beat down is what the audiences want, but please realize that they need something they can connect with too. Look at how the audiences flock to Avatar. And as a viewer I'll know that superman will be back to life by the end of the movie, so there are no real stakes.

A villain like Luthor, Braniac, Parasite, Metallo, fuck even Bizzaro are more lucrative for the story then Doomsday ever could be. If we get Doomsday I can bet you a million dollars it'll be worse the Spiderman 3 and Venom.

Honestly they need to be looking at Grant Morrion's ALL STAR SUPERMAN which is unarguably considered an instant classic.
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