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First of all, don't take offense to this. You're wading in waters that are too deep for you right now.

It'd be different if you were putting up a real argument. Go on a real comic book forum like Comicbookresources or Newsarama, people fucking HATE DOOMSDAY.

Yeah the people on Amazon praise it, it's a piece of comic book history (unfortunately) they get off on the nostalgia factor. Let's be real its a fight scene told in Splash pages, it's pop-art not a story.

You're use of the Hulk is invalid because he's a character that is about a man struggling with his own duality. Doomsday serves one purpose, PUNCH SUPERMAN ENOUGH SO PEOPLE "THINK" HE'S DEAD. But you forget that Superman kicked his ass in no time.

There seems to be no use trying to explain the obsurdity of the Doomsday villain to you. You're not a DC fan, as you've noted, and you felt that Watchmen was far too talky. Frankly you're the audience that doesn't get it. If Warner was trying to cater to the fans of the Watchmen movie, then frankly nobody would see it.

You're Avatar comment completely missed the mark on what I was saying. People cared about the stupid tree being blown up. Not the big fight scenes they cared about what happened to the characters. No matter how rehashed the story was if you thought people just saw it for the effects you're very much mistaken. Every class I go to in grad school is discussing the depth and even the science of the film. Now, I'm not a fan of the movie but I see how audiences can connect with it. The whole "It's Pocahantas/Ferngully/Dances with Wovles" thing is getting annoying. People have been telling the same stories since the beginning of time.

And like I said a Death of Superman story has no stakes to it. You know that he's not going to die. Plain and simple, that cuts the emotional tie right there but if you have Braniac destroying the city with Luthor manipulating it all people would actually care. Parasite sucking the life out of Superman, they'd care. They know you wont kill off Superman, but what about Jimmy? Hell even Lois?

And Doomsday is not unique, he is as I said just like every Roided 90s villain. BANE, VENOM, DOOMSDAY, theses guys all they did was bring a fight and disrupt the characters life. But unlike Doomsday, Bane and Venom people actually care enough about to constantly reinvent and try and put in the depth that was never there to begin with.

Truthfully with Nolan now behind the project and DC getting their comic book writers involved in their movies ie, Mark Gugginhiem writing Green Lantern, you are more likely to see Robin in the Dark Knight Sequel than Doomsday anywhere near a Superman movie.

I don't dispute that with a good writer anything is possible but let's be real, they're going to go with villains that have a lot more depth and history with the Man of Steel then a one note monster of the week from the 90s.
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